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Furniture Facts

“Furniture Facts” are printed by AMG Vintage House to assist consumers in the selection and acquisition of antique and vintage mahogany furniture.  Regardless of where you purchase your next piece, Vintage House wishes you success in acquiring a good product which will provide you value, beauty, and functionality in the years to come.

Well-made traditional style mahogany furniture – a Colonial American “invention” – is truly a source of joy “to hold and behold.”


Furniture Fact Sheets:

  1. The Case For (or Against) Solid Mahogany Furniture

  2. What Brand Names Are The Best?

  3. Is It Solid or Is It Veneer?

  4. What Size Dining Table?

  5. What Size Dining Room Set Will Fit?

  6. Standard Bed Sizes

  7. How Much Is This Worth?

  8. Furniture Periods: The Invention of Styles



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